Jon Bon Jovi once boot-danced on Don's French flan whilst singing "Living on a Prayer" a cappella atop a medieval knight's table in a castle somewhere in the south of France.
So there's that.
But despite Mr. Bon Jovi's dismissal of Don's "you should go garage rock!" suggestion, Don continues to lend his quirky production and songwriting talents to those not in bands that rhyme with Fon Zovi. Recent work has been with Jesse Malin, Beautiful Small Machines, Eleanor Dubinsky, and his own forthcoming banjo-strum opus, "Magnificent Ram A". He also recently scored the feature film "Ranchero", for which he received several 'best of' soundtrack nominations. Don believes in capturing the spirit of the performance and music and getting as far away from the reliance on the forgiveness of the digital recording world. When it's available, he has found an increasing lust for 2" tape. A song lover at heart, Don is versatile at several instruments and a fond experimenter in the studio environment, for which he most often calls home.