Nov 4, 2012

2012 wrap up!!

Thanks to everyone for a great 2012 at White Star Sound! Especially all of the artists that came through this year: 

Schuyler Fisk, Invisible Hand, Jason Mraz, Yost, Sanders Bohlke, Kulla, Gems, Birdlips, Ashes, Duchess of York, The Hill and Wood, Carl Anderson, Sam Wilson, Sarah White, Bronze Radio Return, Wells Hanley, Love Canon, Bifrost Arts, Isaac Wardell, Telograph, Middle Distance Runner, Mythical Legends, Eric Reitz, Eli Cook, Labor Day Party, Borrowed Beams of Light, Adam Long, Matty Metcalfe, Matthew White and Trey Pollard, Great Dads, The Brew, Aunt Martha, Max Fisher, Erin Lunsford, Michael Coleman, Jordan Brooks, Jesse Harper, Robbie Sinclair and more!