Colin Killalea

From suggestions and ideas to full-on co-writing, Colin is a natural collaborator. His abilities as a multi instrumentalist and savvy synth man allow for a multitude of sonic possibilities in the studio. A believer of pre production mix tapes from the artists with whom he works, Colin is open to each artists' desired direction, regardless of whether it's within his own wheelhouse. He also gives a bang up 10 buck haircut. Colin has an inspiring, albeit limited, collection of books on tape, and is a big time fan of Charles Kuralt's America (he'd actually like to combine the voices of Kuralt, Diane Rehm, sometimes Garrison Keillor, Jonathan Schwartz, and storyteller Bailey White to make, ultimately, the best voice ever. Shelby Foote holds a special place in Colin's heart as well.) Colin's an avid tennis player and almost always has an extra racquet on hand for anyone wishing to play.